Memotec Training Programs are geared towards providing an excellent post-sale customer care experience. Our training commitment is to ensure that our resellers’ and customers’ technical resources are qualified to be responsible for Memotec equipment.

Our Training Programs have been designed to meet our customers’ and resellers’ different training requirements-from introductory level to Memotec Certification level. Our customers and resellers can take advantage of the following types of training programs:

  • On-Site/Regional Training: Well-suited for customers with limited travel budgets. We provide a forum, either on site or in the region, with interactive face-to-face training that facilitates more in depth discussions, including hands-on equipment training.
  • Training in Montreal(Head Office): Equipped to individual or group training sessions, with detailed product demonstration and access to Memotec’s labs.

Let Memotec help you decide the Training Program best suited to your requirements. We assess our customers’ training requirements to ensure that the Training Program selected secures the most effective and efficient participant empowerment. Although our Training Programs have been designed with a well-defined structure, we can also customize the training based upon an evaluation of our customers training needs.

Ultimately, we encourage our resellers to take advantage of our Certification Program. Becoming a Memotec Certified Specialist is key when the reseller wants to achieve full autonomy and comprehensive technical qualifications over Memotec equipment.